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Avalara TrustFile sales tax returns

A filing-ready PDF is prepared with your transaction data. You manage your payments.

More about Avalara TrustFile

Avalara TrustFile can automatically pull your sales data from popular marketplaces and ecommerce apps. Using your sales data, generate ready-to-file sales tax returns and file from your dashboard. Recommended for Amazon merchants and other marketplace sellers.

Here’s what you’ll get with an Avalara TrustFile trial

  • Up to 30 days of free full access (purchase ends trial period)
  • Unlimited preparation of ready-to-file sales tax returns
  • 1 free efiling

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Avalara AvaTax sales tax calculation with automated returns filing

AvaTax delivers real-time sales tax calculations directly to your shopping cart. After automating your calculations, Avalara can perform a comprehensive filing service on your behalf.

More about AvaTax

Never look up a rate again: Avalara AvaTax delivers real-time sales tax calculations into your shopping cart or QuickBooks with our ongoing updates to product taxability and location determination. Using your AvaTax data, we can also perform a comprehensive filing service, including notice management and payment, on your behalf. Annual plans start at $50 and you can try AvaTax free for up to 60 days with no commitment.

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