No more missed deadlines. No more scrambling for forms.

Meeting filing schedules and filling out transactional tax return paperwork is nobody’s idea of a good time. So ditch your error-prone, complicated manual processes. It’s time for automation. Avalara is here to make it possible, with a range of transactional tax filing and returns solutions to fit every business need. Click any tax type below to learn more about our offerings.

Automated Sales Tax Filing

When you want to outsource all sales tax compliance to the industry leader, choose Avalara Returns. Tightly coupled with Avalara’s award-winning tax-determination solution—AvaTax—Avalara Returns is a fully managed solution that incorporates a Treasury solution for simple payment, guaranteed on-time filing, audit support, and notice management.

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Do-it-yourself sales tax solution

TrustFile is a do-it-yourself sales tax solution for small businesses and eCommerce merchants. Quick to set up and easy to use, TrustFile takes your sales data and prepares sales tax reports for every state you collected tax in. TrustFile supports eFiling in a growing number of states, so you can take advantage of One-Click Filing to save even more time.

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Automated Excise Tax Filing

Avalara Returns Excise Pro simplifies fuel tax compliance, enabling small and medium sized suppliers, distributors and terminal operators to reduce filing time and costs.

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Signature ready sales tax return forms

Avalara Returns Excise Enterprise generates signature-ready fuel tax returns from fuel transaction data, enabling distributors, terminal operators, suppliers, fleets, retailers, and other filers to automate the filing process.

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Automated Communications Tax Filing

Avalara Returns for Communications provides tax filing, regulatory reporting, and remittance services for companies in the communications industry.

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Automated Lodging Tax Filing

Avalara MyLodgeTax is a fully automated solution for vacation rental homeowners seeking tax compliance for their vacation home rentals.

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Automated VAT Filing

Gobal compliance can be incredibly complex. We make it simple. Avalara Returns for VAT automatically files returns for Value Added Tax.

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Automated fuel tax filing for government entities

Avalara Government provides a complete solution for automation of fuel tax filing and audit processes.

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“The same process that took us a few weeks in the past, now takes just a couple of days.”

— Shari Beaver CEO at Retail Services Inc.