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Tax calculation is one of the most frustrating steps to managing transactional tax – and the first place where something is likely to go wrong. Knowing when you have to apply tax, which type of tax, what rate, and what tax rules apply can be daunting, especially if you’re relying on people or basic software or systems to do it for you. Relax. We’ve got your back. Avalara’s automated tax calculation engines are powerful and proven accurate. Which means you not only reduce risk, but save time and money too. Leave the taxing parts of business to us and get back to calculating what really matters to you – profits.

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Automated Sales Tax Calculation

Most businesses have sales tax obligations – whether they sell direct to consumers or have to account for exempt sales. Keeping up with these obligations can be time consuming and it’s easy to miscalculate rates, misapply a tax rule, or get behind on filing returns – costly errors that can put your business at risk. Avalara’s AvaTax sales tax calculation software automatically applies the right rates and rules to every transaction, every time. So you can stop spending time on the tax part and get back to focusing on the sales part of the business.

• Instantly calculates tax rates and rules for 12,000 jurisdictions.
• SKU-level taxability for millions of products and services.
• Pre-built integrations to 500+ ERP, POS and ecommerce systems.
• Updates automatically for changes in rates, tax laws, and nexus.

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Automated Excise Tax Calculation

Avalara AvaTax Excise identifies and calculates taxes for fuel transactions with built-in support for thousands of jurisdictions in the U.S. and Canada.

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Automated Communications Tax Calculation

Avalara AvaTax for Communications helps determine taxes for traditional telecommunication services, as well as VoIP, internet services, cable and satellite TV, and other communications services.

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Automated Lodging Tax Calculation

Avalara MyLodge Tax is a fully automated solution for vacation rental homeowners seeking tax compliance for their vacation home rentals.

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Automated VAT Calculation

Gobal compliance can be incredibly complex. We make it simple. Avalara AvaTax for VAT identifies and calculates taxes for Value Added Tax.

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UPC Database, in the cloud.

Avalara MatrixMaster, the world’s largest database of Universal Product Codes, delivers product sales taxability down to the SKU.

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“If you’re looking to automate, Avalara’s a great way to do it. It connects very well with any ERP system.”

— Peter Fortenbaugh, Tax Manager at Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope