Streamlined Sales Tax (SST)

The Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement* (SSUTA or SST) is an effort to simplify the sales and use tax process for businesses and states. It is a cooperative effort of states, Washington D.C., local governments and the business community. The goal of SST is to reduce the cost and administrative burdens on retailers who collect sales and use tax, particularly businesses operating in multiple states.

The SSUTA mission is to standardize, simplify and modernize sales tax management. It strives to do so through:

  • Uniform taxability definitions.
  • Standardized forms across states.
  • Simplified adminstration of sales and use tax collections.

Certified Service Providers

Avalara is proud to be a Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Certified Service Provider (CSP). A CSP allows businesses participating in SST to fully outsource their sales and use tax management processes. And by registering for SST, a business is eligible to use CSP services for free.

Avalara AvaTax integrates with your accounting software and accurately calculates sales tax on your sales automatically. In addition, AvaTax provides a complete collection and exemption certificate management product that provides full compliance for tax-exempt transactions. At the end of each filing period, Avalara Returns automates your filing and simplifies remittance into a single payment.