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Illinois Sales Tax Rate Changes Jan 1, 2012

Illinois retailers should ready themselves to update their cash registers and computer programs for a slew of sales tax rate changes, effective January 1, 2012.

According to a bulletin released by the Illinois Department of Revenue (DOR), over 50 taxing jurisdictions have "changed their local sales tax rate on general merchandise sales."

Merchandise subject to these taxes includes "the same items of general merchandise reported on Line 4a of Forms ST-1 and ST-2 that are subject to state sales tax." However, The Department of Revenue also notes that it does not collect some taxes administered by local jurisdictions, and retailers must contact the municipal or county clerk's office for those details.

The rate changes apply to the following taxes:

  • home rule sales tax
  • non-home rule sales tax
  • business district sales tax
  • county home rule tax
  • county school facility tax

To determine how these rate changes will affect a particular business, consult the DOR's complete list of sales tax rate changes by county.

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