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Illinois Revises Local Sales Tax Changes for January 2012

  • Dec 22, 2011 | Susan McLain

Bulletin FY 2012-03-A has been released and supersedes Informational Bulletin FY 2012-03 regarding sales tax rate changes effective January 1, 2012 in the state of Illinois. The bulletin states, "You must adjust your cash register and any computer program so that beginning January 1, 2012, you will collect and pay the correct sales tax."

In the state of Illinois, “’Sales tax’ is the combination of all state, local, mass transit, water commission, home rule occupation and use, non-home rule occupation and use, park district, county public safety and facilities, county school facility tax, and business district taxes.”

According to the bulletin, “Your business address determines whether business district sales tax applies to your sales.” However, the state provides a sales tax “lookup” called the Tax Rate Finder. After scrolling through several screens you are presented with a Quick Find field where you can type in a location or address, select the county and request the rates. However, the results will always default to the county and not the exact address.

Once there, you need to determine the taxability of the products you are purchasing or at least the category of your purchase.

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