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Indiana & Amazon Reach Online Sales Tax Agreement

  • Jan 10, 2012 | Will Frei

Governor Mitch Daniels announced today that Indiana has reached an agreement with Amazon to begin collecting Indiana sales tax on internet purchases.  

The agreement states that Amazon will voluntarily collect and remit Indiana sales tax effective January 1, 2014, or "90 days from the enactment of federal legislation, whichever is earlier." It is estimated that remittal by Amazon of uncollected internet sales tax would equal approximately $25 million/year.

ABC news reports that the agreement does not include any other companies besides Amazon, but that Governor Daniels has stated that Indiana is asking Congress to require all internet retailers to collect Indiana sales tax. The state has debated for some time whether or not to require online sellers to collect and remit sales tax.

Read the entire press release.

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Avalara Author Will Frei
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