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Indiana Considers Internet Sales Tax Beyond Amazon

  • Jan 13, 2012 | Will Frei

On Monday, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels reached an agreement with Amazon to collect and remit sales tax to the state. The very next day, the Indiana House Ways and Means Committee considered House Bill 1119, a bill that would require all internet retailers who do business in Indiana, and those who sell through them, to collect and remit sales tax. 

Rep. Jeff Espich (R), who proposed the bill, notes that Amazon only accounts for 15 percent of all Internet sales. Ebay and other Internet companies remain unaffected by Monday's deal. Indiana's Journal Gazette reports that the bill was well received, though some feel that a start-date of January 1, 2014 is not soon enough. Legislators will most likely vote on the bill next week.

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Will Frei
Avalara Author Will Frei
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