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Colorado Sales Tax Due Dates Update

  • Feb 10, 2012 | Will Frei

The Colorado Department of Revenue has updated certain due dates of tax payments and filings, including sales and use taxes. The Department explains that knowing these due dates will "help you avoid paying penalty and/or interest on taxes required by the Colorado Department of Revenue."

The due dates listed in the update include the following:

  • Retail Sales Tax: "Due the 20th day of the month following end of the taxpayer’s filing period. Annual return is due Jan. 20; quarterly return is due Apr. 20, July 20, Oct. 20 and Jan. 20; monthly return is due the 20th day of the following month."
  • Retailer's Use Tax: "Due the 20th day of the month following end of the taxpayer’s filing period (annual, quarterly, monthly, or a specialized month)."
  • Business Consumer Use Tax: "If total tax is less than $300 during a calendar year, the tax is due January 20 following year-end. Whenever tax due is $300 or more, the tax is due the 20th of the following month."
  • Individual Use Tax: "Due April 15 for purchases made during the prior calendar year."

You can file the above Colorado sales and use taxes onlineSee the update for a complete list.

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