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New Jersey Auditor Charged with Demanding a Bribe

  • Feb 15, 2012 | Will Frei

A New Jersey state auditor has been charged with demanding a bribe from a convenience store owner in exchange for not initiating an audit, reports the New Jersey Attorney General. 

The New Jersey auditor in question, Jerry L. Moore, could serve up to "...five to 10 years if convicted, including a mandatory minimum term of five years in prison without possibility of parole." The Attorney General gives the following summary of the alleged crime:

Moore allegedly visited the convenience store on Feb. 2 and told the owner that he must pay him $1,000 to avoid being audited. During a subsequent phone call, Moore allegedly repeated his demand for $1,000, but the owner asked that the amount be reduced to $800. Moore allegedly agreed to $900 and arranged to meet the owner on Feb. 10. Detectives arrested Moore at the store immediately after he allegedly accepted the $900 cash bribe from the owner.

According to Criminal Justice Director, Stephen J. Taylor, a "member of the public" reported the alleged offense to the Division of Criminal Justice, and this action initiated the investigation. Taylor urges those who suspect "...criminal conduct by a public official to alert us at our confidential tip line: 1-866-TIPS-4CJ." Moore's case will appear before a grand jury.

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