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Nebraska Now Requires Electronic Sales Tax Return Filing

  • May 3, 2012 | Susan McLain

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Nebraska has instituted a gradual threshold decline for who is required to file electronically. The Nebraska Tax Commissioner requires “…the use of EFT [Electronic Funds Transfer] for all payments of taxes or fees for tax programs, such as income or sales and use tax, if the taxpayer had made tax or fee payments above the designated threshold for the same tax program in a prior year.” All combined sales and use tax returns will not be approved unless filed electronically.

Starting in January 2012, that threshold was an annual sales and use tax liability that is greater than $13,000. As of July 2012, that amount reduces to $11,000, beginning with filing the June 2012 return.

According to the DOR Sales Tax EFT Mandate Letter of March 15, 2012, “Credit card payments are also an acceptable form of payment to meet the EFT requirement. Fedwire transfers are not an acceptable method of payment.” ACH Credit and ACH Debit payments are available.

A $100 penalty will be imposed for non-compliance if payments are not made by EFT when the business meets the threshold requirements.

Going forward, the threshold will reduce as follows:

  • January 2013 - $9,0000
  • July 2013 - $8,000
  • January 2014 - $7,000
  • July 2014 - $6,000
  • January 2015 - $5,000

The Department of Revenue will no longer mail pre-identified paper returns (Form 10) to taxpayers, however, you may request an email reminder to be sent to you in lieu of the paper Form 10.

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