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Oklahoma Electronic Filing Requirements Updated

  • May 17, 2012 | Susan McLain

Oklahoma State has modified the filing requirements and deadline dates for electronic filing of sales and use tax returns.

Letters regarding electronic sales tax filing and use tax filing is being sent to all businesses affected that states:

“Payments are considered electronically filed if the payments are made by ACH Debit, ACH Credit or by credit card. Beginning in July 2012, follow the schedule below for reporting and remitting sales tax:”

  • July 13 – File your June report and remittance.
  • July 20 – Pay your estimated tax amount for July 1-15 by electronic funds transfer (EFT).
  • August 20 – File July report electronically / Pay July 16-31 balance by EFT / Pay estimated tax amount for August 1-15 by EFT.

These changes are effective for both sales tax and business use tax.

The “…law (Title 68 O.S. I405 D, Supp. 2005) requires taxpayers owing an average of Twenty-five Hundred Dollars ($2,500.00) or more per month in total use taxes in the previous fiscal year to file and remit their taxes electronically.”

Additional requirements include:

Taxpayer must “make an electronic estimated payment of tax liability for the 1st through the 15th of the month. Payment is due by the 20th of the current month. The estimated payment can be determine by one of two methods:

  • 90% of the actual tax liability for the first two weeks of the month; or
  • 50% of the tax collected for the same time period for the previous year.”

Reports and payments are always due by the 20th of the month.

Oklahoma’s web-based filing system is called QuickTax. To access QuickTax, log onto www.tax.ok.gov and select Quick Tax Business Tax Filing System.

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