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Illinois Shuts Down Business For Sales Tax Delinquency

The Beloit Daily News reports that a gas station/convenience store in South Beloit, Illinois was closed down by the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDR). The business had been delinquent in sales tax reporting and remittance and been unresponsive.

Though multiple notices were sent, the IDR eventually revoked the business license earlier in June. According to Susan Hofer of the IDR, “When (a retailer) doesn’t forward sales tax to the Department of Revenue and ignores the collection people to work on an arrangement the only possible solution is to close the business.”

In addition to losing its business license, the store had already lost its liquor license recently.

Unfortunately, the gas station shared its space with a local McDonald’s. The McDonald’s team has to keep the front doors locked to prevent access to the convenience store inventory. However, the McDonald’s has posted signs that their drive-through continues to be open.

Guy Bucciferro, the owner of the McDonald’s said, “My concern is our customers and the business we’re operating. To me it’s like being in a strip mall and having the guy next door close down. As long as we can run the business and our employees get paid that’s all I’m worried about right now.”

The lobby remains closed. McDonald’s customers have no access to the bathrooms, which are on the convenience store side of the space due to having to prevent lobby access to the store inventory. The IDR has posted “neon green signs…on two windows that says the ‘Business’ Certificate of Registration’ has been revoked,” The signs also inform that “…it is a Class A Misdemeanor to sell any retail items at the gas station.”

The city also stands to lose sales tax revenue and has concerns about sewer bills and property taxes being paid. The property is owned by a local bank, but they have not indicated what their plans are for the property under the circumstances.

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