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Alabama Sales Tax Report Updated, September 2012

  • Sep 20, 2012 | Gail Cole

The Alabama Department of Revenue released an updated list of county, municipal sales, use, lodgings, and rental taxes on September 1, 2012, per Act 98-192, called the Local Tax Simplification Act of 1998.

"Local Tax Simplification" seems a bit of a misnomer, since the new document runs 171 pages; at least all pertinent information is listed in this one document. New levies, rate changes, and agency changes in all counties and municipalities are listed in the Alabama Sales Tax Report.

Alabama state sales and use tax, rental tax, and state lodgings tax are listed below:

Category State sales and use tax rates
Manufacturing machinery and farm machinery 1.5%
Automotive vehicles 2%
Food and food products from vending machines 3%
All other tangible personal property 4%
Category State rental tax rates
Automotive vehicles 1.5%
Linens and garments 2%
All other tangible personal property 4%
County State lodgings tax rates
16-county Alabama Mountain Lakes area 5%
Other 51 counties 4%

The comprehensive report of "any sales, use, rental, lodgings, tobacco, or gasoline taxes" levied or administered in all Alabama counties and municipalities for the month of September 2012 is available at the Alabama Department of Revenue.

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