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Pennsylvania Ecommerce Registration Deadline

  • Sep 4, 2012 | Susan McLain

In December, 2011, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue (DOR) issued a bulletin regarding nexus and ecommerce retail activities in the state.

September 1, 2012 heralded the deadline for online retailers to comply with the nexus laws in Pennsylvania by registering to collect and remit sales tax if they use affiliates or have sales people in the state.

In a recent press release, the Pennsylvania DOR stated that “[b]usinesses with Pennsylvania nexus that do not become registered and begin collecting Pennsylvania sales tax by Sept. 1 will face a variety of escalating enforcement options over time, including assessment, audit, lien or referral to a collection agency or the Office of Attorney General.”

In addition, if it is evident that “…companies with nexus blatantly disregard the tax bulletin and their obligations to begin collecting sales tax, the department has the statutory authority to look back at least three years for audit and assessment purposes.”

Governor Tom Corbett said, “We have taken steps to ensure that both e-commerce companies and brick-and-mortar retailers are treated equally, and we’re committed to having government work with businesses instead of against them. That’s why we are very confident that the Department of Revenue will see a high level of cooperation from e-commerce companies.”

Revenue Secretary Dan Meuser echoed that optimism by noting that they have received good response so far from ecommerce companies. Governor Corbett issued a directive “…for the department to be as responsive, fair and business-friendly as possible in dealing with this issue.”

Pennsylvania’s goal, according to the press release is “…to treat all businesses the same under Pennsylvania’s current tax laws.”

Don’t Panic! If you are concerned you might have nexus, read Peisner Johnson’s “Top Ten Nexus Survival Tips” and contact the Pennsylvania Taxpayer Service and Information Center at 717-787-1064 for general questions about registration.

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