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New Jersey Offers Extensions for Victims of Sandy

If Hurricane Sandy disrupted your business in New Jersey, you may be eligible for certain tax filing and payment extensions. Governor Chris Christie announced yesterday that "[t]axpayers who cannot meet normal filling and payment deadlines because of the storm now have until November 7, 2012, to file returns and tax payments that would have been due October 30 and 31. 

Taxpayers eligible for the extensions include:

  • businesses based in impacted areas;
  • out-of-state businesses with operations in impacted areas; and
  • those who kept tax records in impacted areas.

Filings and payments covered by the New Jersey extension include, but are not limited to:

  • Form NJ-927, Employer's Quarterly Report;
  • Form DSF-100, Domestic Security Fee Quarterly Return;
  • Form TMF-10, Transporter of Motor Fuels Report.

Anyone eligible for a tax extension because of Hurricane Sandy is also eligible for interest and penalty abatement for the period of postponement.

Additional information is available at the New Jersey Division of Taxation.

All of us at taxrates.com extend our deepest sympathies to victims of Hurricane Sandy.

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Gail Cole
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