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Kansas Lawmakers Consider Sales Tax Rate Freeze

  • Dec 10, 2012 | Gail Cole

The current Kansas sales tax rate of 6.3% is set to drop to 5.7% in July, 2013. Earlier this fall, Governor Sam Brownback (R) announced that he will consider keeping the rate at 6.3% in order to help balance the state budget. Now Susan Wagle (R), the recently elected president of the Kansas Senate, has expressed a similar opinion.

Kansas income tax is scheduled to drop from 24% to 14% in January 2013, leaving more than $1 billion "in Kansans' pockets … to save, spend and invest." The bill is expected to stimulate the economy, however, it may also create a temporary dip in state revenues.

Senator Wagle and a number of other lawmakers are "poised to re-examine the massive income tax cuts … [which] could lead to controversial votes to extend a 6/10ths of a cent sales tax … ."

Wagle has said "she would like to let the sales tax expire, but she's not sure if that's possible given the budget deficits created by the income tax cuts." Senate majority leader Terry Bruce (R) "said he views extending the 6/10ths of a cent sales tax as a tax increase" but acknowledged that such a move "could be justified if it further reduces income tax rates for individuals."

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