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Kansas: Incarcerated Persons and Sales Tax Refunds

  • Feb 18, 2013 | Gail Cole

 Kansas: No Tax Refunds Behind Bars.

Kansas lawmakers are seeking to clarify an issue that is probably not on most folks' radar. Shall incarcerated persons be eligible for certain tax refunds and credits?

Kansas HB 2060 reads:

"No claim for the refund of certain retailers' sales taxes paid upon food filed on or after June 30, 2011, shall be paid or allowed for any person confined in and claiming as a household any correctional facility, … any juvenile correctional facility, … any correctional facility of the federal bureau of prisons located in the state of Kansas, or any city or county jail facility in the state of Kansas."

It should be noted that hordes of prisoners are not seeking refunds. In fact, to date only three prisoners have filed for the sales tax refund on food. HB 2060 is more of a precaution -- it would prevent more incarcerated persons from seeking refunds in the future.

HB 2060 "passed as amended" the House Committee of the Whole in a 123 to 0 vote. It has been referred to the Committee on Assessment and Taxation.

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