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Utah Will Not Tax Drinking Water This Year

  • Feb 11, 2013 | Gail Cole

 Uah Lawmakers Say No to Taxing Water.

Utah lawmakers have rejected SB 154, which would have made "changes to the sales and use taxation of water."

Had it been approved, the bill would have added "potable delivered water to the state and local sales and use tax base' and allocated "state revenues collected from the sales and use tax on potable delivered water to the Water Resources Conservation and Development Fund."

Writing in support of the bill, State Senator Scott Jenkins (R-Plain City) pointed out that Utah needs "to plan now for responsible water conservation and the funding necessary to keep up with our growth." He noted that "there is no uniform pricing mechanism for water in Utah...." and argued that adding "drinkable, potable water into the state and local sales and use tax base" would both encourage water conservation and fund expansion.

Opponents of the bills tied it "to the controversial Lake Powell Pipeline," one of several projects referenced in SB 154. Christi Wedig, executive director of Citizens for Dixie's Future, said "SB 154 ignores market economics and passes the burden of water waste by a few onto the backs of all consumers."

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