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Louisiana: Six Reasons for Tax Reform

  • Mar 17, 2013 | Gail Cole

 Tax Reform May Be Looming in Louisiana.

Governor Bobby Jindal (R) of Louisiana presented details for his administration's tax reform proposal to a joint meeting of the House Ways & Means Committee. The plan was first introduced back in January, though details were not available at that time. It's a revenue neutral plan-- revenue lost by eliminating the income tax would be gained by elsewhere.

6 Benefits

The governor stressed six benefits to his plan:

  1. No income tax means more control: "Taxing what people spend instead of what they earn gives taxpayers more control over their own money;"
  2. With no income tax, Louisiana is the best place to start a business:
  3. Everyone pays a fair share;
  4. It removes power from special interest groups;
  5. It keeps sales tax exemptions for food, prescription drugs, and utilities; and
  6. A broad state sales tax base means more revenue stability.

Revenue Neutrality

  • Revenue neutrality would be achieved by:
  • Increasing the state sales tax to 5.88% from 4%;
  • Expanding the sales tax to cover many services;
  • Eliminating over 200 exemptions;
  • Eliminating approximately $2.7 billion in personal and corporate income and franchise tax;
  • Implementing targeted tax offsets, such as raising the tax on cigarettes and tobacco products; and
  • Maintaining "vital tax offsets and business competitiveness incentives."

Remote Sales Tax

The plan also creates a uniform sales tax base for all remote sellers (vendors without a brick-and-mortar presence in Louisiana), and establishes a "Louisiana Sales Tax Commission to act as collector, auditor, interpreter, and rule-maker around state and local sales tax." It's goal would be to "reduce the burden of sales tax administration on business." Currently, Louisiana does not have a "unified local and state sales tax collection process… ."

It's a bold plan, and one that is sure to see opposition. Accorging to C.B. Forgotston, a political commentator who has often criticized the governor, "the plan 'will not even get out of the House of Representatives' because of the taxes it would raise… ."

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