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The Business of Breeding Dogs in Washington State

  • Jul 25, 2013 | Gail Cole

 Selling puppies in Washington State? Don't forget to collect sales tax.

Department of Revenue, collect and remit sales tax, and file returns.

Many states, including Washington and New York, allow an exemption for sales of livestock. Yet as “Man’s best friend,” dogs are classified as pets, not livestock--even if your business is breeding them.

He’s such a stud

According to the Washington DOR, “The sale of dog semen to consumers is considered a retail sale.” Sales tax must therefore be collected by the sellers and remitted to the state.

No deductions allowed

Washington State does not exempt from sales tax or allow deductions for pet food, veterinary care, training, registration fees, or “any other costs incurred while conducting your business.” If you wandered down to Oregon to purchase pet food and/or supplies free from sales tax, you’ll have to pay Washington use tax on those purchases.

California takes a slightly different approach. The California State Board of Equalization exempts from sales tax many medications used to treat pets, including dogs.

Dealing with sales tax can be messier than cleaning up after hundreds of dogs.  Automation makes it simple.

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