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Alabama ONE SPOT is Open for Business

  • Oct 4, 2013 | Gail Cole

 ONE SPOT: the go to place to remit Alabama sales and use taxes.

Alabama ONE SPOT is open for business.

Under Alabama Department of Revenue is required to "develop and make available a system which allows any taxpayer required to file and remit a state, county, or municipal sales or use tax or a state, county, or municipal leasing or rental tax the ability to file and remit the sales and use tax or leasing and rental tax returns and payments through an electronic single point of filing program." Since October 1, 2013, that program is up and running. It's called the Optional Network Election for Single Point Online Transactions, or "ONE SPOT."

There is no charge for ONE SPOT, and some financial assistance is available for local taxing jurisdictions to help ensure that their systems effectively interface with ONE SPOT.

Local taxing jurisdictions are required "to submit written notification of any new or amended sale or use tax or leasing or rental tax at least 30 days prior to the effective date of the tax or amendment." The Department of Revenue is not required to program new or amended rates into the system until written notification has been received.

All taxing jurisdictions in Alabama are required to authorize utilization of the ONE SPOT system. Businesses selling into more than one local jurisdiction will undoubtedly find this a relief.

Take care of sales tax in all states where you do business, or automate, and spend your valuable time on other matters.

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