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California Presents New Online Mapping Tool for Tax Rates

  • Nov 15, 2013 | Gail Cole

 Finding the correct rate of sales tax can be frustration. California BOE has a tool to make it easier.

It can be frustrating to track down the correct sales tax rate. Even people with the best of intentions sometimes end up with the wrong rate for a particular address or business. In an effort to make sales tax compliance easier, the California State Board of Equalization has released a new sales tax tool to reduce retailer error and consumer complaints. It is an online mapping tool.

Using the mapping service is simple, according to the BOE news release. “[R]etailers simply enter an address, and the service pin-points the location on a map and provides the sales and use tax rate at that address. It also show the entire area where that rate applies.”

The BOE promises that the rates for each location will be accurate. This will be helpful, as there are many different rates throughout the state and all rates are subject to change. According to the BOE, “[m]ore than three-fourths of all businesses in the state are located, or do business, in areas with a district tax” in addition to the state sales tax.

The new California mapping tool is sure to be helpful within the state of California.

Businesses that sell to multiple states may prefer an automated sales tax solution.

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