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Colorado to Shelve Transportation Sales Tax Measure

  • Jan 20, 2014 | Gail Cole

 Colorado: transportation funding woes won't be solved by sales tax in 2014.

Colorado voters aren’t in the mood for a new sales tax and Colorado lawmakers are listening.

MPACT 64 is “a collaboration among four regional organizations covering all 64 counties in Colorado.” It was created to find and develop strategies that would increase transportation funding throughout the state. Specifically, it would help fund the “development of Northwest Rail and arterial bus rapid transit in Boulder and Broomfield counties….” MPACT 64’s most recent funding efforts centered on a sales tax increase.

According to estimates shared by Louisville Mayor Bub Muckle, a member of the Metro Mayors Caucus researching the issue, the proposed 0.7 cent sales tax increase “would have raised money for transportation improvements across Colorado [and] would have spun off $1.7 billion to the Regional Transportation District over a 15-year period.”

Yet polls predict that voters would not support the sales tax increase. As a result, it will not be placed on the 2014 ballot.

Just how transportation funding will be pursued is uncertain, but pursued it will be. MPACT 64 Chair, Lone Tree Mayor Jim Gunning, is looking for a way to move forward: “Our next step is to take the details of the poll and talk about working with the electorate on a timeline that accomplishes some of these important issues.”

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