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Kansas Has More Than 900 Sales Tax Jurisdictions

  • Jan 13, 2014 | Gail Cole

Let’s repeat that: Kansas has more than 900 sales tax jurisdictions.

Businesses that sell or deliver to multiple locations in Kansas need to be able to account for each and every one of those 900+ sales tax jurisdictions.

The Kansas Department of Revenue is sensitive to the fact that 900+ sales tax jurisdictions create a veritable nightmare for businesses selling into more than one location, and it is attempting to simplify sales tax for businesses. (Kansas is a Streamlined Sales Tax state, and the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement was created “to simplify and modernize sales and use tax administration in order to substantially reduce the burden of tax compliance.”)

The recently published Kansas Sales and Use Tax Jurisdiction Code Booklet lists the most recent sales and use tax rates for all 900+ jurisdictions. As the opening explains, “This publication is useful for those sales and use tax filers reporting Kansas tax for more than one local taxing jurisdiction.”

The code booklet publishes the name of every city and county within the state of Kansas, along with its total tax rate and the effective date of that rate. In addition, each location is given two codes:

  • The code to be used for delivery sales; and
  • The code to be used for sales at the business location.

When it is possible to simplify codes (as when a city has the same sales and use tax rate as the county in which it is located), codes have been simplified.

For example, the cities of Admire and Allen, both located in Lyon County, do not have additional city taxes. The rate of sales and use tax for sales made both in Admire and Allen is the Lyon County rate of 7.150%. As a result, the code for delivery sales to each location is as follows:

  • Lyon County: LYOCO
  • Admire: LYOCO
  • Allen: LYOCO.

However, the code for sales made at a business located in each of these areas is as follows:

  • Lyon County: LYOCO
  • Admire: ADMLY
  • Allen: ALLLY

Does your business sell in Kansas? Take a moment (or two. Or three.) to scan the booklet’s 22 pages listing local tax rates and codes.

File electronically, please

Sales tax, compensating use tax and withholding tax must be filed electronically in Kansas. Current electronic filing information is available on the Kansas Department of Revenue website.

How does your business handle sales tax? An automated sales tax solution simplifies life even more than the handy guide detailed above.

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Gail Cole
Gail Cole
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