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Florida: Sales Tax Exemptions Help Families Save Money

  • May 15, 2014 | Gail Cole

 Car seats to be exempt from Florida sales tax, effective July 2014.

Florida Governor Rick Scott has approved legislation that is expected to save Floridians “more than $121 million in taxes.” It creates three sales tax holidays: one for hurricane preparedness supplies, one for school supplies, and one for energy efficient products. House Bill 5601 also creates several new sales tax exemptions.

Effective July 1, 2014, the following items will be exempt from Florida sales and use tax:

  • Bicycle helmets for youth;
  • Child restraint systems and booster seats for use in motor vehicles;
  • Prepaid meal plans purchased from a college or other institution of higher learning by currently enrolled students; and
  • Therapeutic veterinary diets obtained from a licensed veterinarian and used to “aid in the management of illness and disease of a diagnosed health disorder in an animal;”

According to Florida Senator Don Gaetz, families with young children and those “saving for college or paying for it now” will benefit most from the new exemptions.

The legislation also adds to the list of exempt industrial machinery and equipment:

  • A mixer drum affixed to a mixer truck and used in the State of Florida to “mix, agitate, and transport freshly mixed concrete in a plastic state;”
  • Parts and labor required to affix the mixer drum described above.

How does your business manage sales tax exemptions?

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