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Massachusetts Lawmakers Approve Tax Amnesty

  • May 26, 2014 | Gail Cole

 If adopted, the Massachusetts tax amnesty program could generate $100 million.ney

Update, 7.14.14: Governor Deval Patrick has signed FY 2015 Budget and approved a 2-month long tax amnesty.

Budget The Massachusetts House and Senate have both approved a tax amnesty amendment in the FY 2015 budget.

The amendment establishes an amnesty program for 2 consecutive months in fiscal year 2015 and allows the tax commissioner to decide the scope of the program, “including the particular tax types and periods covered.” Taxes eligible for the amnesty program include:

  • Sales and use taxes,
  • Sales tax on telecommunications services,
  • Boat and recreational vehicle sales taxes,
  • Gasoline excises,
  • Special fuels excises and special fuels excise local options,
  • Meals taxes,
  • Meals tax local options,
  • Room occupancy excise local options, and
  • Withholding income.

If the amnesty is approved by the governor, details pertaining to the 2015 Massachusetts tax amnesty program will be provided by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue.

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