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American Airlines Against Proposed Tax Hike in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

  • Jun 26, 2014 | Gail Cole

 American Airlines doesn't want a proposed sales tax hike in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.

Mecklenburg County is home to close to one million people, making it the most populous county in the state of North Carolina. It is also home to Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT), the second largest hub for American Airlines. So when Mecklenburg County considers a sales tax increase, executives at American Airlines sit up and listen.

American Airlines has brought thousands of jobs to Mecklenburg County. County Commissioner Karen Bentley, who has spoken with a representative from the airline, confirms the airline is “not supportive of this increase in the sales tax. If passed, it is a $500,000-plus hit to their bottom line.” Fuel purchased at CLT would be subject to the tax.

Ms. Bentley thinks this is cause for concern, “[g]iven that they are one of the largest employers in Mecklenburg County.”

But others in county government support the tax hike. The additional quarter-penny sales tax would boost teacher salaries.

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Gail Cole
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Gail Cole
Gail Cole
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