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Colorado Sales Tax Rate Changes, July 2014

  • Jun 19, 2014 | Gail Cole

 Celtic Festival Parade in Estes Park, Colorado.

Several upcoming Colorado Department of Revenue.

State collected city taxes

The following changes take effect July 1, 2014:

  • The sales tax rate for Estes Park will increase from 4% to 5%; and a 2% use tax applies to motor vehicles. No exemptions apply.
  • The sales tax rate for Keenseburg will increase from 2% to 3%; and a 3% use tax applies to construction materials. Food for home consumption is exempt.
  • The sales tax rate in Castle Pines will drop “if purchases are made from certain area subject to a Public Improvement Fee (PIR) and/or Retail Sales Fee. An exemption applies to the following: food for home consumption; gas, electricity, etc, for residential use; and occasional sales by charitable organizations.

Other fee changes

The service fee will increase to 3 1/3% for the following:

  • The Colorado state sales tax rate of 2.9%;
  • The Regional Transportation District tax rate of 1%; and
  • The Scientific and Cultural Facilities District tax rate of 0.1%.

New exemptions will apply to each of the above taxes. Additional information, including a list of all applicable exemptions, is available on the department of revenue web page, July 1, 2014 Sales Tax Rate Changes.

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