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Iowa: Local Option Sales Tax Sunset Dates Extended or Removed

  • Jul 1, 2014 | Gail Cole

 An Iowa sunset.

Numerous local option sales taxes in Iowa were scheduled to expire on June 30, 2014. Instead, the sunset dates have been removed or extended.

The Iowa Department of Revenue has published a list of sunset date changes:

Kossuth County

  • Bancroft: sunset has been removed

Linn County

  • Cedar Rapids: sunset extended to 6.30.2024
  • Marion: sunset extended to 6.30.2024
  • Cedar Point: sunset extended to 6.30.2034
  • Central City: sunset has been removed
  • Hiawatha: sunset extended to 6.30.2024
  • Lisbon: sunset extended to 6.30.2024
  • Mt. Vernon: sunset extended to 6.30.2034
  • Fairfax: sunset extended to 6.30.2024
  • Springville: sunset extended to 6.30.2034
  • Walker: sunset has been removed
  • Alburnett: sunset extended to 6.30.2034
  • Ely: sunset extended to 6.30.2034
  • Palo: sunset extended to 6.30.2034
  • Robins: sunset extended to 6.30.2024
  • Walford: sunset extended to 6.30.2024
  • Linn Unincorporated: sunset extended to 6.30.2024

Marshall County

  • State Center: sunset extended to 6.30.2025
  • Marshall Unincorporated: sunset extended to 6.30.2025


  • Red Oak: sunset extended to 6.30.2019
  • Montgomery Unincorporated: sunset extended to 6.30.2019

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photo credit: Bugsy Sailor via photopin cc

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Gail Cole
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