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Louisiana’s August 2014 Sales Tax Holiday

  • Jul 3, 2014 | Gail Cole

 Bikes costing less than $2,500 are sales tax exempt during the Louisiana August sales tax holiday.

Every August, Louisiana provides a general sales tax holiday. The first $2,500 of the purchase price of most tangible personal property purchased for individual use is exempt from sales tax during that time. This year, the general tax-free period takes place from 12:01 a.m. Friday, August 1 through 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, August 2.

Not exempt

It is more expedient to list items not eligible for the exemption than exempt items. Taxable items include:

  • Taxable services;
  • Admissions ;
  • Repair services;
  • Laundry and related services;
  • Vehicle parking;
  • Cold storage services;
  • Printing services;
  • Telecommunications services; and
  • Leases or rentals of tangible personal property.

In order for an exemption from sales tax to be valid, the buyer must do one of the following:

  • Purchase and accept delivery of the goods;
  • Place the property on layaway;
  • Acquire property previously placed on layaway; or
  • Place an order for immediate delivery.

Numerous special provisions apply. Please see the Louisiana Department of Revenue Annual Sales Tax Holiday page for additional details.

Sales tax holidays are a gift for consumers but cause a lot of extra work for retailers. Check out this list of 2014 sales tax holidays.

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