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Oregon Voters Say Yes to Recreational Marijuana

  • Nov 7, 2014 | Gail Cole

 Soon to be legal in Oregon.

Like their neighbors to the north, Oregon voters have approved recreational marijuana by popular vote.

Measure 91 “allows possession, manufacture, sale of marijuana by/to adults, subject to state licensing, regulation, taxation.” The goal is to:

  • Eliminate the problems caused by the prohibition and uncontrolled manufacture, delivery, and possession of marijuana within Oregon.
  • Protect the safety, welfare, health and peace of the people of Oregon by prioritizing the state’s limited law enforcement resources in the most effective, consistent, and rational way.
  • Permit persons licensed, controlled, regulated, and taxed by Oregon to legally manufacture and sell marijuana to persons 21 years or age and older (subject to provisions of the Act).
  • Ensure that the State Department of Agriculture issues industrial hemp licenses and agricultural hemp seed production permits in accordance with existing state law.
  • Establish a comprehensive regulatory framework concerning marijuana under existing state law.

The Act is set to take effect on July 1, 2015, although the state has until January 1, 2016, to “set up the system and rules for processing and selling pot“ (KGW.com).

As in Washington, where the Washington State Liquor Control Board oversees the budding marijuana industry, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission will regulate marijuana in Oregon.

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photo credit: Curtis Gregory Perry via photopin cc

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