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NJ Boat Owners, Beware

  • Dec 23, 2014 | Gail Cole

 Cape May Marina

You know that feeling that sometimes creeps over you, that you’re being watched? Well, if you’re a boat owner in New Jersey Division of Taxation or the State Police.

Investigators have been patrolling New Jersey’s intercoastal waterways for the past two years, searching for boat owners who paid neither sales tax (at the time of purchase) nor use tax (at the time of first use in NJ waters). Since the program began, the Division of Taxation has recovered $2.3 million in sales and use tax from boat owners in the Garden State.

State investigators sometimes get a leg up from other states, as when a New Jersey resident purchases a vessel in another state and does not pay that state’s sales tax at the time of purchase. Representatives from those states often inform the New Jersey Division of Taxation of those untaxed sales tax transactions.

Additionally, investigators spend a good deal of time hunting for tax evaders, intentional or accidental. They have canvassed marinas from Fort Lee to Cape May and discovered many vessels whose owners were not in compliance with New Jersey tax laws.

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photo credit: jmenard48 via photopin cc

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