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Ohio May Establish Sales Tax Holiday for 2015

  • Dec 11, 2014 | Gail Cole

 Ohio lawmakers step closer to 2015 August sales tax holiday for school supplies and clothing.

Ohio lawmakers are considering a one-year sales tax holiday for clothing and school supplies. If the bill becomes law as currently written, the holiday will run from August 7-9, 2015.

The bill seeks to exempt school supplies costing $20 or less per item, as well as clothing costing $75 or less per item (or pair). Sports and protective equipment would not qualify for the exemption.

The bill made its way through a House committee, where among other changes the Senate-endorsed exemption for computers and tablets costing less than $1,000 was removed. One change that Democrats could not get through was a guarantee “that counties would not lose revenue as a result of the sales tax holiday.” The Columbus Dispatch reports that the holiday would cost local tax jurisdictions an estimated $3.2 million, “plus a $500,000 loss in state local-government funding.”

As often happens at the end of a legislative session, lawmakers have attached other, unrelated items to the sales tax holiday legislation. The current version includes a historic-preservation tax credit for the Columbus Association for the Performing Arts (CAPA).

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