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Georgia Sales Tax Rate Changes, March 2015

 A sales tax rate increase will fund public transit in Clayton County, Georgia.

Last updated 5.12.15: House Bill 213 (Act 62) extends the 1% MARTA sales tax an additional decade, to June 30, 2057. On that date, the tax will drop to 0.5%. See the text of the measure for additional details.

The people of Clayton County, Georgia, voted last fall to bring back public transportation, something they haven’t had since 2010. To get it, sales tax in Clayton County will increase by 1%, for a new rate of 8%.

The additional one-cent Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit (MARTA) sales tax takes effect on March 1, 2015 and will remain in place for thirty years. Limited bus service is scheduled to begin by the end of March, and complete bus service should be in place by July 2016. Rail service will most likely be implemented at a later date.

The new 1% MARTA sales tax is expected to generate $46 million for transit in the first year.

Sales and Use Tax Rates for Energy Sold to Manufacturers

The sales and use tax rate for energy sold to manufacturers in Clayton County also increased, effective March 1, 2015. The new rate is 2.75% (up from 2.5%).

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