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Indiana Tax Amnesty

  • May 14, 2015 | Gail Cole

 And no interest or penalties for successful participants of Indiana's upcoming tax amnesty program.

Governor Mike Pence of Indiana has signed a state budget bill authorizing the creation of a tax amnesty program for taxpayers with an unpaid tax liability for taxes due and payable for tax periods ending prior to January 1. 2013. Taxpayers who have participated in previous amnesty programs may not take part in this amnesty.

Participants must voluntarily pay tax liability in full (or enter into an agreed-upon payment program with the state) within a period determined by the Indiana Department of Revenue, “not to exceed eight (8) regular business weeks ending before the earlier of the date set by the department or January 1, 2017.” Under House Bill 1001, the state will waive interest, penalties, collection fees and certain other associated costs for taxpayers who successfully comply with all amnesty conditions.

In addition, for successful participants the state will:

  • Release any liens imposed.
  • Not seek civil or criminal prosecution against any individual or entity.
  • Not issue an assessment, a demand notice, or a warrant for payment under [applicable Indiana law] against any individual or entity; for listed taxes due from the taxpayer for the tax period for which amnesty has been granted.

Additional details will be released by the Indiana Department of Revenue, which has been tasked with managing the tax amnesty program.

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