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Wisconsin Help Wanted: 102 Auditors

  • Jul 28, 2015 | Gail Cole

 Auditors in Wisconsin. Lots of them.

The 2015-17 Wisconsin State Budget includes a section on the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, which describes the department’s function, provides performance measures (past and future), and outlines the governor’s recommendations for moving forward. Listed below “Office of Marketing” and above “Property Assessment Reform” is this little doozy: “Auditing Expansion.”

Auditing expansion

“The Governor recommends the addition of auditing and associated positions to enhance nexus identifying activities and to improve tax collections. These additional positions are estimated to collect $113.5 million in taxes during the biennium already owed to the state but not yet paid.”

The number of positions to be created? 102.

It’s a small section, but one that promises to have a big impact on Wisconsin businesses.

Sales and use tax nexus

Jump down the list of governor recommendations and there is an even smaller section that promises an even bigger punch.

“The Governor recommends modifying the definition of ‘retailer engaged in business in the state’ to strengthen the state’s ability to collect sales and use taxes that are due from out-of-state businesses that have transactions in the state.”

In other words, newly minted auditors won't be knocking only on the doors of businesses located in Wisconsin. Anyone who is a "retailer engaged in business in the state" is fair game.

Done and done

After lengthy discussions and a veto or two (or 100+), the budget has been enacted. The definition of “retailer” has been redefined. There are several new ways to trigger nexus in Wisconsin. And the Wisconsin Department of Revenue is seeking to fill 102 new auditor positions:

“If you are an accountant who wants to work with dedicated colleagues who value high standards, come work with us! We have 102 positions available at our offices in Wisconsin, Bloomington, MN and Glen Ellyn, IL.”

If you can’t join ‘em …

... prepare for 'em.

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Gail Cole
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Gail Cole
Gail Cole
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