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Time to Renew Your Michigan Sales Tax License

  • Sep 7, 2015 | Gail Cole

 Time to renew your Michigan sales tax license.

Sales tax licenses in Michigan expire annually on September 30. As a result, all businesses are required to renew their Michigan sales tax license every year, by that date.

The Michigan Department of Treasury generally renews sales tax licenses automatically. There is no fee for sales tax licenses or their renewal. As the September 30 deadline approaches, sellers should be able to access their new sales tax license online by clicking on the Correspondence Tab on Michigan Treasury Online.

It is the responsibility of the business to notify the department if the tax liability changes. Any increase or decrease in sales could impact filing frequency.


Wholesalers are not required to obtain a Michigan sales tax license. However, a wholesaler must give sellers a properly completed sales and use tax certificate of exemption for their exempt sales to be valid.

Inform yourself

For more information, see the department’s Sales and Use Tax FAQs and check out this Michigan Sales Tax Guide for business owners and tax professionals.

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Gail Cole
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Gail Cole
Gail Cole
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