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Sales Tax Solves Problems

  • Jan 15, 2016 | Gail Cole

 Sales tax.

Additional sales tax revenue may be the answer to many state problems.


Jackson, Wyoming

Housing in Jackson is “a challenging place to buy a home.” It’s a well-known fact that a recent poll conducted by the Jackson Hold Conservation Alliance has confirmed. And a penny sales tax could help solve it.

Town and county leaders have decided to move forward with a ballot question for a general sales tax rate increase. If approved, it would raise revenue for housing and transportation, as well as funds to deal with the ongoing, slow-moving Budge landslide.

Lawrence County, Alabama

Voters in Lawrence County will decide the fate of a 2-cent sales tax increase on March 1. Commissioners are now trying to determine the best way to spend the revenue if the rate increase is approved: improve roads, renovate the old courthouse, battle drug abuse, build an animal shelter, or simply tuck it away and have a surplus. The commission has asked citizens to share “their desires” for the additional revenue.

Pocola, Oklahoma

A 1-cent sales tax rate increase would raise the funds required to fill potholes and otherwise maintain roads in Pocola.

Santa Clara County, California

Officials in Santa Clara County are considering raising sales tax by a quarter or half-cent in order to fund programs and housing for homeless people. They are currently deciding whether or not to put such a sales tax increase on the June 2016 ballot. In order to do so, a measure must be filed by March 11.



Signatures are being gathered for an initiative seeking to increase the state sales tax rate by 1 cent in order to generate revenue for education and teacher salaries.

South Dakota

At the start of his State of the State address, Governor Dennis Daugaard spoke of the state’s teacher shortage and encouraged lawmakers to pass a half-cent sales tax increase, as proposed by the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Teachers. It would generate more than $100 million in additional revenue, the bulk of which would fund pay increases for teachers.

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Gail Cole
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