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Tax Relief for Missouri Flood Victims

 Missouri flood, 1993

As much of the country celebrated the end of 2015 and the arrival of 2016, many Midwesterners were struggling to save their homes and businesses. In Missouri alone, more than $40 million in damage was created by severe weather and devastating floods that affected the region from December 23, 2015 to January 9, 2016. The City of St. Louis and 37 counties in Missouri are still coping with a state of disaster; clean-up is steady but slow.

As a result of the extensive damage, the Internal Revenue Service postponed certain deadlines for taxpayers with residences or businesses in the affected areas. Missouri is following suit, offering tax extensions for affected taxpayers in the City of St. Louis and the following counties:

  • Barry
  • Bollinger
  • Camden
  • Cape Girardeau
  • Cedar
  • Crawford
  • Dade
  • Dallas
  • Douglas
  • Dunklin
  • Franklin
  • Gasconade
  • Greene
  • Howell
  • Iron
  • Jasper
  • Jefferson
  • Lawrence
  • Lincoln
  • McDonald
  • Newton
  • Ozark
  • Perry
  • Phelps
  • Pulaski
  • Reynolds
  • Charles
  • Clair
  • Genevieve
  • Louis
  • Scott
  • Stoddard
  • Stone
  • Taney
  • Texas
  • Washington
  • Webster

The new deadline for Missouri taxes due between December 23, 2015 and May 16, 2016 is May 16, 2016. Tax relief is available for numerous taxes, including but not limited to the following:

  • Corporate income tax
  • Individual income tax
  • Sales and use tax

Additional information is available on the Missouri Department of Revenue website.

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photo credit: Flooded Street, Jefferson City, Missouri (MSA) via photopin (license)

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