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Illinois sales tax rate changes, January 2017

 2017 Illinois sales tax changes are in the planning stages.

Update 12.5.2016: Actual rate changes have been announced. Additional information.

Local tax jurisdictions in Illinois are required to notify the Illinois Department of Revenue of planned local sales and use tax rate changes. The department has been informed by a number of localities that rate changes will take effect on January 1, 2017. Once the department receives a certified copy of the ordinance approving all rate changes, rate changes will be finalized and new rates announced.

The following localities have announced their intention to create new business district taxes:

  • Centralia (Jolliff Bridges Business District)
  • Granville (Granville Business District)
  • Hillsboro (Hillsboro Business District)
  • Maroa (Maroa Business District)
  • Nokomis (Nokomis Business District)
  • Salem (Main/157 Business District)
  • Willowbrook (Illinois Route 83/Plainfield Road Business District)

The following localities plan to institute new, or change existing, simplified municipal telecommunications tax:

  • Bellmont
  • Benton
  • Coal Valley

Additional information is available through the Department of Revenue.

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