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Wisconsin Republicans seek 2017 sales tax holiday

  • Sep 21, 2016 | Gail Cole

 A time without sales tax.

Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin have released their Forward Agenda, “a broad outline of goals for next session and the future of Wisconsin.” It includes the creation of a sales tax holiday.

Tax-free periods have been considered before in Wisconsin, most recently this spring. They’ve had the support of many Republicans, including Governor Scott Walker. As the agenda explains, a sales tax holiday would “give tax relief to all Wisconsinites and help hardworking families stretch their budgets in preparation for the new school year.” In 2014, legislators considered a fall tax-free period for energy efficient appliances in addition to a back-to-school holiday.

Previous proposed holidays failed (in part at least) because of fiscal concerns. According to a 2016 Wisconsin Department of Revenue fiscal analysis, an annual sales tax holiday would decrease state sales and use tax revenue by $13.2 million each year. There would also be a drop in local sales tax revenue of approximately $952,000 annually.

The agenda is a wish list, a statement of all the Republicans hope to accomplish, not what they will actually achieve. Retailers using tax automation will be well-prepared for any eventuality. Learn how sales tax software facilitates compliance in all states.

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