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Florida sales tax rate changes, March 2017

 Florida sales tax rates, March 2017.

A local sales and use tax rate change is set to take effect in Florida on March 1, 2017. The tourist development tax rate on transient rental transactions within Citrus County will increase from 3% to 5%, for a total transient rental tax rate of 11% (6% state sales tax, 5% local tax).

This tax applies to all charges for renting, leasing, or letting any accommodations or living quarters in Citrus County for a period of six months or less. Taxable lodging includes apartments (privately or cooperatively owned), beach houses/cottages, condominiums, garage apartments, hotels, mobile home courts, motels, multiple unit structures (e.g., duplex, triplex), and single family dwelling units. Additional information is available from the Florida Department of Revenue.

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