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Utah sales tax rate changes, July 2017

 Growth brings new sales tax jurisdictions to the greater Salt Lake City area.

Numerous new tax jurisdictions and sales and use tax rates are set to take effect in Utah on July 1, 2017. All are the result of the rapid growth of the Salt Lake City area. The region is booming, with Salt Lake City rating number 5 on the Forbes 2016 Fastest-Growing Cities list, and Ogden number 6. People are drawn to the natural beauty, smart and dedicated workforce, and relatively affordable housing. More than three-quarters of the state’s population live in the region nestled between Ogden and Provo, and more are arriving every day.

Newly incorporated townships

A local sales tax rate cannot be imposed until there is a locality in which to impose it. As the population of the greater Salt Lake City area grows, unincorporated areas are being developed and incorporated. The region will include the following five newly incorporated townships beginning July 1:

  • Copperton Township
  • Emigration Canyon Township
  • Kearns Township
  • Magna Township
  • White City Township

New tax rates

It usually doesn’t take too long after a town is incorporated for local sales and use taxes to find their way there. Often, the change occurs simultaneously. Not surprisingly, the following localities will each impose a new local option sales and use tax of 1 percent beginning July 1:

  • Copperton
  • Emigration Canyon
  • Kearns
  • Magna
  • White City

Additional details about the latest sales tax rate change is available at the Utah State Tax Commission. More information about sales and use tax in general can be found on the Avalara TaxRates Utah page.

photo credit: ruimc77 Salt Lake City via photopin (license)

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