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Utah sales tax rate changes, January 2018

 New sales tax rates coming to Utah in the new year.

Several local tax rate changes are set to take effect in Utah on Jan. 1, 2018. Most are new taxes.

The following municipalities will impose a new 1% municipal transient room tax, which is in addition to the combined sales and use tax rate (listed below).

  • Spring City (6.2%)
  • Park City (8.45%)
  • Park City East (7.85%)
  • Spanish Fork (6.75%)

Eureka will impose a new 6% tax on sales of municipal energy. This will be in addition to Eureka’s combined general sales and use tax rate of 5.95%.

There is also an increase to the statewide radio network tax. The new rate is $0.52.

Please note that food and food ingredients are taxed at a rate of 3% throughout Utah: 1.75% state tax, 1% local option tax, and 0.25% county option tax. Additional information is available from the Utah State Tax Commission.

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Gail Cole
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