Fuel Tax News

Iowa fuel tax for gasoline to drop July 1

Iowa to drop the fuel tax on gas this summer....Continued

Michigan fuel tax rates, February 2017

Prepaid sales tax rates for gasoline and diesel fuel sold in Michigan are subject to change monthly, and rates are increasing for the period February 1, 2017 through February 28, 2017. Michigan...Continued

Indiana gasoline use tax rate change, January 2017

Indiana’s gasoline use tax rate is set to increase on January 1, 2017....Continued

New Jersey gas tax increases November 1, 2016

Fueling up in New Jersey just got more expensive, thanks to a 23-cent gas tax rate increase that takes effect November 1, 2016....Continued

New Jersey gas tax going up

New Jersey gas tax rate increase could take effect as soon as November 1, 2016....Continued

Michigan fuel tax rates, October 2016

Prepaid sales tax rates for fuel in Michigan are subject to change monthly. Get the most accurate rates with automation....Continued

New York fuel tax rate changes, September 2016

In New York, a local sales and use tax on fuel will increase slightly in September....Continued

Michigan fuel tax rates, September 2016

After months of steady rate increases, Michigan prepaid sales tax rates on fuel will decrease for the month of September. ...Continued

North Carolina fuel tax rate change, July 2016

The North Carolina motor fuels tax rate dropped on July 1, 2016....Continued

Indiana gas use tax rate change, August 2016

The gasoline use tax rate in Indiana is decreasing for the month of August 2016. ...Continued