Fuel Tax News

Nebraska to Increase Gas Tax

Nebraska lawmakers passed and presented to the governor legislation that would increase the state gas tax over a period of four years. The governor returned it to them without his approval. And th...Continued

Rhode Island Gas Tax Rate Increase, July 2015

Effective July 1, 2015, gasoline tax in Rhode Island will increase by one cent, from 32 cents per gallon to 33 cents per gallon. The increase is an adjustment for inflation. According to a Rhod...Continued

North Carolina Fuel Tax Rates

Fuel tax rates in North Carolina have decreased from 37.5 cents per gallon to 36 cents per gallon for the period April 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015. The rate of 36 cents per gallon should ...Continued

Michigan: Prepaid Sales Tax Rates for Fuel, June 2015

Prepaid sales tax rates for fuel continue to creep upward this year in Michigan, with June 2015 rates being a bit higher than the May and April rates. For the period June 1 - June 30, 2015, pre...Continued

Michigan: Prepaid Sales Tax Rates for Fuel April, May 2015

The prepaid sales tax rates for fuel in Michigan reflect the news that oil prices are recovering. Rates for April and May are higher than those for March. For the period April 1-30, 2015, prepa...Continued

South Dakota Fuel Tax Changes, April 2015

A new law on the books imposes several South Dakota excise tax changes, effective April 1, 2015. The excise tax rate on the purchase of a motor vehicle increased from 3% to 4%. South Dakota als...Continued

Kentucky Motor Fuels Excise Rate Change, April 2015

Kentucky House Bill 299, signed into law in March by Governor Beshear, protects Kentucky transportation revenue from extreme instability by setting a minimum gas tax rate. Kentucky gas tax rates t...Continued

Colorado: Dyed Diesel Exemption Expanded

Currently in Colorado, dyed diesel fuel is exempt from sales and use tax in most situations. However, sales and use tax does apply to a handful of dyed diesel fuel transactions under current law; ...Continued

California Fuel Tax Rate Change, July 2015

The California State Board of Equalization has posted fuel tax rates, effective July 1, 2015. A forthcoming gas tax decrease was announced previously. According to the International Fuel Tax Ag...Continued

Pennsylvania Retroactively Reduces State Tax Rate for LNG

The Pennsylvania state tax rate for liquefied natural gas (LNG) was increased, effective January 1, 2015. However, Governor Tom Wolf (D) recently has reversed the decision that led to that increas...Continued