Internet sales tax

Vermont: More Internet Sellers to Collect Sales Tax, December 2015

A click through nexus law took effect in Vermont on October 13, 2015. As a result, more Internet retailers will be required to collect and remit Vermont sales tax beginning December 1, 2015. Vermo...Continued

Governors Urge Speaker Ryan to Level the Playing Field

Paul Ryan (R-WI) is now officially Speaker of the House of Representatives. As his predecessor John Boehner leaves the speakership with relief, Mr. Ryan says he is ready to get to work. First up: ...Continued

Internet Sales Tax in Home Rule, Colorado

Because Colorado is a home rule state, localities that have adopted a home rule charter may impose local taxes as they see fit (provided they are legal under the state constitution). One such home...Continued

Michigan Internet Shoppers Should Keep Receipts

The Michigan Department of Treasury is reminding residents who shop online, through catalogs, and by phone to keep receipts for purchases made on or after October 1, 2015, when the Michigan’s new ...Continued

Michigan to Tax Internet Sales, October 2015

Michigan residents have a few more days to shop online without paying sales tax. Beginning October 1, 2015, sales made by many Internet sellers will be subject to tax. Amazon, this means you. T...Continued

How Many Sales Does It Take to Require a Seller’s Permit in California?

Answer: 3 in a 12-month period Any person or business that makes at least 3 sales of tangible personal property (TPP) or services in California State Board of Equalization (SBE) and collect and...Continued

New Jersey Nexus

Updated 8.17.2015: Technical Bulletin 78 has been revised. It now makes clear that delivery of goods in a seller's vehicle creates nexus. Nexus is a “definite link, some minimum connection, bet...Continued

Vermont Poised to Implement Click-Through Nexus Law

Like a cat ready to pounce, Vermont is watchful and poised to implement its click-through nexus law. A bigger cat, Amazon pounced first. In early January 2015, the online retailer added Vermont to...Continued

Texas Happy with Amazon Tax

Amazon has been collecting sales tax on its Texas transactions since July 2012, after a tense stand-off between state and company. Texas had challenged the online seller’s policy of not collecting...Continued

Click-Through Nexus Comes to Washington, September 2015

Lawmakers in Washington State are fed up with the lack of clarity provided by the federal government and the United States Supreme Court with respect to remote sales tax., which they believe has c...Continued