Internet sales tax

Texas eyes remote sales tax revenue

To date, Texas has remained largely silent on the issue of taxing remote sales. But the sleeping giant could be about to enter the remote sales tax fray....Continued

Tennessee lawmakers block enforcement of remote sales tax

Tennessee is deeply divided on remote sales tax. The legislature has prohibited enforcement of an economic nexus rule adopted by the Department of Revenue. Remote sales tax collections were to start J...Continued

Pennsylvania reworks proposed use tax notification requirement for remote vendors

Individual use tax compliance is typically quite low, so Pennsylvania is considering a measure that would require noncollecting remote sellers to notify their customers of their obligation to remit us...Continued

Indiana to tax more out-of-state sellers under new economic nexus law

Out of state sellers making more than $100,000 in gross revenue from Indiana sales transactions, or more than 200 separate sales transactions in the state, are required to collect and remit Indiana sa...Continued

Nebraska AG: collecting sales tax from remote sellers would be ‘unconstitutional’

Nebraska working out kinks on its economic nexus and use tax reporting measure....Continued

Massachusetts whips up new sales tax obligation for internet vendors that use cookies

Beginning July 1, 2017, Massachusetts will tax internet vendors that use cookies to generate a certain amount of business in the state....Continued

Connecticut revives effort to tax noncollecting out-of-state sellers

Commissioner of Revenue Services Kevin Sullivan believes that it is time to close the loophole that enables many remote retailers to sell to Connecticut consumers without collecting and remitting Conn...Continued

Vermont economic nexus law hinges on Supreme Court, Congress

Vermont enacted an economic nexus law in May 2016, but it won't take effect until the taxation of interstate sales is addressed by Congress or the Supreme Court of the United States....Continued

Amazon to collect Idaho sales tax, April 2017

Amazon purchases will be subject to Idaho tax beginning April 1, 2017. Where will Amazon decide to collect next: Hawaii or Maine?...Continued

Maryland considers online sales tax

Maryland lawmakers are considering economic nexus legislation. If enacted, it would enable the state to tax more remote sales....Continued