Internet sales tax

Indiana considers online sales tax

Indiana lawmakers are considering a bill that would require certain internet sellers to collect and remit tax....Continued

Amazon to collect New Mexico sales tax, April 2017

Amazon purchases will be subject to New Mexico tax beginning April 1, 2017....Continued

Mississippi Senate kills online sales tax bill

Lawmakers in the Mississippi Senate succeeded in killing a proposed bill that would have required certain out-of-state sellers with a “substantial economic presence” in the state to collect and remit ...Continued

Washington seeks tax revenue from out-of-state sellers

Washington has introduced measures that would broaden the state's definition of nexus and allow the state to tax more out-of-state vendors....Continued

Storing property in Virginia creates tax obligation for out-of-state sellers

Beginning June 1, 2017, Virginia will require any out-of-state dealer who owns tangible personal property in the state that is for sale to collect and remit Virginia sales and use tax. ...Continued

Amazon to collect tax in Arkansas, March 2017

Arkansans have only a few more days to enjoy tax-free shopping on Amazon (remember to pay that use tax)....Continued

Wyoming to tax out-of-state sellers

A bill making its way through the Wyoming Legislature requires out-of-state sellers that do not have a physical presence in Wyoming to collect and remit Wyoming sales and use tax, “as if the seller ha...Continued

New Mexico looking to tax businesses without a physical presence

New Mexico considers instituting a tax on remote sales....Continued

South Carolina considers online sales tax bill

The South Carolina Senate has overwhelmingly approved legislation requiring certain out-of-state sellers to register with the state to collect and remit South Carolina sales and use tax...Continued

Mississippi moving to tax remote sales

Mississippi is getting serious about going after remote sales tax revenue. ...Continued